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Public Lecture Topic Examples:

To arrange a lecture or class for your group, please contact our Director, Dr. Pournadeali at (360) 651-9355.

Allergies, what you should know: Learn how seasonal allergies can be controlled naturally, how foods sensitivities can make your immune system over-reactive, how testing may or may not help, and the importance of digestive health in prevention & control of allergies.

Alternative & Complementary Approaches to Men's Health: after 50. In this talk, our doctor will review the common health conditions that men over 50 experience. High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, and Prostate Enlargement are just a few of the topics that will be reviewed.

Alternative Medicine & the Treatment of Osteoarthritis: In this talk, we review the common misconceptions of conventional & alternative medicine, how the standard medical treatment of OA actually aggravates the condition, making joints degenerate faster, and how nutritional and plant medicine methods can help.

Alzheimer's Disease: Although there are many theories on the cause of Alzheimer's disease, but no definite answers, we discuss safe natural therapies that have been show to decrease occurrence & progression of this debilitating condition.

Ayurvedic Medicine: Ayurvedic (a-yur-ve-dic) Medicine, is the ancient healing art of using foods as medicines. This class reviews the three basic body types in Ayurvedic Medicine. You'll learn what your type is, & how to recognize when you may be out of balance. We'll discuss the foods & lifestyle habits specific to each type & how you can eat to support your body constitution.

Beautiful Skin Naturally: Skin problems are an indicator that the inside needs help too! In this talk, we share how diet, activity, and natural skin care can leave you with a healthy glow inside and out. Conditions such as acne, eczema and other skin conditions are reviewed, so you learn how simple techniques can make a difference.

Chelation: what you should know: In this talk, we review the common problems associated with heavy metal toxicity, how testing is needed to determine your metal burden, and how to chelate orally and intravenously- all you needed to know.

Childhood nutrition: Children require special attention to get all the nutrients they need to grow. We will review their nutritional needs, what foods meet these needs & what foods can hinder growth. Learn healthy options for snacks & meals that give kids energy while keeping them balanced.

Coughs & Colds: This lecture focus is on alternative approaches to improve health during the winter months. You will learn inexpensive techniques to halt a cold in it's tracks as well as how to boost your immune system to avoid catching the cold or flu.

Detoxification Demystified: the biochemical basis of cleansing. We will discuss what detoxification is, the pollutants in our world today that give us reason to detoxify & how to recognize symptoms of toxicity. You will learn when detoxification may be necessary & who should not undergo this treatment.

Diabetes: How to optimize your health. Learn how to manage insulin or non-insulin dependent diabetes, while preventing it altogether if you have it in your family. We'll inform you how to recognize signs & symptoms, and cover lab tests, which show whether you're at risk.

Fatigue: Overcoming it with Natural Medicine: We will discuss the many causes of fatigue & how to recognize when you should consult professional advice. You will learn what natural treatments are effective to improve energy & get you back on the road to health.

Fibromyalgia: A comprehensive approach for comprehensive relief. In this presentation, we share how a multifaceted approach addresses the multifaceted problems that contribute to this condition. Dietary approaches, nutrient therapy, and detoxification are all methods that lead to permanent improvement.

Fit for Pregnancy: Come learn how to prepare your body for the physical demand of pregnancy. This talk includes information on nutrition & exercise, detoxification, stress reduction & fertility awareness.

Good Vitamin / Bad Vitamins- What you must know: Vitamin & herbal quality can be quite confusing. In this class you will hear which vitamin characteristics are desirable, & which ones to avoid. We will discuss how to assess the quality of supplements from any store or nutrition center, and how to know when to get help from a professional for your health conditions.

Healthy Moms for Healthy Babies: Pregnancy requires demands from all areas of life. Come learn nutrition & exercise needs as well as alternative approaches to minimize pregnancy symptoms.

Heart Disease & Atherosclerosis: How a Natural Approach can help. In this talk, we review recent studies supporting naturopathic approaches to atherosclerosis, and coronary artery disease. Methods on controlling high cholesterol, as well as the latest in testing is reviewed.

Hiatal Hernias & Heartburn: Did you know heartburn can be caused by a structural problem with your stomach, that can be safely, and successfully be treated with structural therapy, dietary changes and daily exercises. In this talk, we provide some ideas on how naturopathic manipulation, and dietary modification can relieve your symptoms so you can avoid drug therapy.

High Blood Pressure & Hypertension: effective naturopathic approaches. In this presentation, we review effective dietary, nutritional & plant-medicine treatments that can help you avoid a lifetime of prescription drugs for high blood pressure.

Irritable Bowel Disease: What your doctor doesn't know. In this talk, we rebut the common misconception of how Irritable Bowel is all "in your head." Testing & treatment of overlooked pathogens, and identification of food aggravators is discussed, so you can achieve permanent relief.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Effective Holistic diagnostics and treatments. Learn how special tests can identify the hidden causes of Irritable Bowel, and how digestive insufficiencies can be corrected to give you relief.

Keeping your Eyes Healthy- Naturally!: Are you having trouble seeing clearly? We review eye exercises, nutrition, herbs and daily preventive techniques to clear up your vision, while preventing & treating macular degeneration.

Natural First Aid Kit for Travel: Come learn what easy & effective natural remedies can be efficiently packed in a first aid kit for hiking or even overseas travel.

Natural Hormone Replacement: What every woman should know. Have you asked your doctor about "natural" HRT, but didn't get any help? In this presentation we provide the basics, on natural (bioidentical) HRT. We review testing to optimizate dose for your unique & very individual needs,, and why the most often used creams are the wrong form to use.

Natural Medicine Cabinet: Come learn how to replace conventional, over-the-counter medicines with safe & effective natural therapies. We will discuss how to effectively use homeopathy, herbs, vitamins & acupressure to alleviate common ailments.

Natural treatment for Common Childhood Illnesses: Come learn safe & effective natural treatments for common childhood ailments. We will discuss how to recognize common illnesses & warning signs to look for that would warrant a doctor's visit.

Naturopathic Medicine: Introduction, limitations & benefits: A must-attend class for anyone considering seeing a naturopathic doctor. Learn how naturopathic doctors practice, about education, licensing, and how/ when to see to a Naturopathic Physician.

Nutrition 101: Here is the talk you need to learn the basics on keep you & your family healthy. We look closely at the food pyramid; learn how to choose healthy options, and properly balance meals. We will also discuss pitfalls in diets that could be jeopardizing your health & progress.

Nutritional needs over 50: As we age our bodies undergo changes that require adjustments in nutrition. We discuss what these changes are, & how to minimize their effects through nutrition. Learn how to prevent common diseases of aging now, & great tips on remaining youthful & vibrant.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Do studies support a natural approach? In this talk, our doctor reviews with you the naturopathic philosophy of how RA can be caused/aggravated by cross reactive antibody reactions often associated with gut permeability defects.

Smoking Cessation: A naturopathic & comprehensive approach to quitting. Smoking is several addictions- not just the nicotine. In this talk we describe how the 35+ habits can be broken, over time, so withdraw is not as intolerable.

Treating Common Pulmonary Conditions: Using a naturopathic approach. In this talk, we review plant medicines & nutrient therapies to address COPD, Emphysema & Asthma.

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